Friday, August 17, 2012

Images and text in scrapbooking

This article by Ellen Gruber Garvey on variations in scrapbooking practice (the creation of derivative works, we would call it these days) highlights different treatment of clipped text and images, a subject in which I have a continuing interest.  Via a comment on The Worst Craft Idea Ever, which involves destroying books to make storage; Garvey points out that not everyone thinks it's terrible to repurpose a copy of a text to do something else in the world, though I tend to agree that this is a huge waste of a set of Lemony Snicket books.

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Unknown said...

While I think that's a particularly silly craft idea, I've seen those "book boxes" before. I think the book boxes themselves are the particularly silly thing, and it's one of those times when (unless you get the books at a garage sale or something), reproducing it at home is almost certainly more expensive.

But there's plenty of transformative uses of print material that I find interesting and worthy of being done.