Monday, August 24, 2009

LaunchCast victory affirmed

Quote of the Day: “Whatever the etiology of the Copyright Office’s inability to make up its mind, we find the Copyright Office efforts here of little help.” Arista Records, LLC v. Launch Media, Inc., No. 07-2576-cv (2d Cir. Aug. 21, 2009) (holding that LaunchCast is, as a matter of law, not interactive for purposes of the digital sound recording performance right licensing regime).

Also: finally an explanation of how LaunchCast works. I used to love that service until poor customer relations drove me away. (In fact I think my first blog post was about Launch.) Thoughts: 1. Based on personal experience, I strongly believe that Launch at inception selected songs to play very differently than Launch does now. 2. The current method seems to mean that rating a song you like decreases your chances of hearing it again any time soon. 3. Which goes along way towards explaining why I cancelled my subscription and now use iTunes, vids, friends and music blogs to find new music. All I ever wanted was an explanation for why you kept playing me country songs, Launch!

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