Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Traveling pictures: trademark/publicity rights questions, bonus torts

Yellowstone proper had very little in the way of obvious TM issues, interestingly enough.  Other things I have encountered:
For the torts folks; note especially the guy in the background blithely walking away from the dissolving child

"Nothing in life is absolute except vodka"--a drinking tour of Yellowstone

John Wayne endorsement?

Yes, Pink Cadillacs is a registered trademark for candy; a separate registration for pastry also exists, owned by someone else

Wondering about these Kits candies

Parody soda candy

parody candy cigarettes

paging the Marlboro man?

Bogarts restaurant: right of publicity problem?

This vase is patterned in little plastic closers, which are subject to various patent & TM claims

Amazing Spider-Moose

Fast & Furious

Star Wars parodies, also Bat-Moose below
I didn't get a picture of the moose covered in rainbow dreadlocks a la Bob Marley.

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