Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kickstarter and limits on rewards

The Veronica Mars Movie Project by Rob Thomas

Check out this particular reward: For $6,500 or more:
Name a character in the movie! You will hear this character’s name said out loud at least one time in the movie. We guarantee this name will make the final cut. NOTE: we must be able to clear this name through our legal department. This is much easier if you are naming the character after yourself. It’s much trickier if you’re naming it after the person who used to beat you up in elementary school who is now a local politician in the Southern Californian setting of Veronica Mars….

I like the idea of rewards only available after being cleared with legal.

I’m going to kick in, of course, but I’d be reluctant to ask Rob Thomas or Kristin Bell to follow me on Twitter. That just seems cruel.

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