Monday, May 07, 2012

Anticircumvention is weird and lacks attachment to reality

Studios take down low-quality clips, leave high-quality ones up on YouTube for promotional purposes: "if a user puts up their favorite clip from a movie and it meets certain criteria (it's not too long, it's good quality) then rather than force the user to take the clip down, Strickland claims it on behalf of the studio that owns it." But renewing the DMCA remix exemptions would be a bad idea, they assure us! 

Title: Shep Smith (note source).

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Mac said...

There was an error in the original article where it said:

".. rather than force the user to take the clip down ..."

That's obviously a mistake. Surely the quote was:

"... rather than carefully consider the 4 factor test in § 107 and then only forcing the user to take it down after determining that it does not meet any fair use criteria, particularly in consideration of # 3 "The amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyright work as a whole"

It must be a typo. I can't think of another explanation.

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