Thursday, November 05, 2009

You blow my mind: Mickey Mouse makeover

Apparently Mickey's not edgy enough for today's kids, so in his new videogame, he will be naughty and selfish. "Players can either behave in an entirely happy way and help other characters — and have an easier go of it in the wasteland — or choose more selfish, destructive behavior with a harsher outcome, including a Mickey that starts to physically resemble a rat."

Can we just give up on the fiction that the reason we don't give copyright owners control over critical portrayals of their works is that they won't license such portrayals right now? The reason we don't give them control is that we don't want them to have control, no matter how willing they are to get paid for it.

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FigmentJedi said...

You do realize this is going more towards Mickey's mischevious roots in the 20s and 30s cartoons right? Hell, he's always been more then the generically happy version we've been stuck with for years now. In the European comics he's more of an adventurer and amateur detective.
It's something Mickey needs, to become an interesting character again rather then a cute design on a t-shirt or watch.