Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sweetener wars reinterpreted as feminist history

From Overheard in New York (ignore the crass headline). Clever, and also up-to-date on the news:
Chick #1: Well, I like to think of Equal as the women's lib of sweetener.
Chick #2: So... What does that make Sweet'N Low? The pre-lib? Feminine mystique?
Chick #1: Yeah... Just look at it -- pink and pretty, sweet, and bowed low. C'mon. It's like, 'Hey, ladies, be sweet and pink for your man -- use Sweet'N Low and stay in shape and he'll love you more!' Then there's Equal -- it's blue, it's bold, it demands attention. It says, 'Yeah, we're an artificial sweetener, marketed towards women, but we're equal!'
Chick #2: Um... Okay, so what does that make Splenda?
Chick #1: I guess post-lib feminism?
Chick #2: Uh, I don't even know what that is...
Chick #1: Well, see, Splenda's in court now because apparently neither does anyone else.
Chick #2: Wow... The history of feminism, as interpreted by Deborah, through artificial sweetener...

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