Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Jews for Jesus: 'tis better to use others' trademarks than have your own used

This story discusses JFJ's conflict with the New York MTA over JFJ's use of subway symbols in its ad campaign. You can see the revised campaign, which uses mock subway tokens and an altered subway photo, here. Of further potential interest are several of JFJ's downloadable broadsides, which include one that says "CSI: New York" on the front without further identification, others that feature NY sports teams, and one that will interest Susan Scafidi -- it uses counterfeit goods to argue in favor of accepting the JFJ message, since G-d is the "GREATEST DESIGNER" who "offers us a wardrobe with a label we could never afford on our own."

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Anonymous said...

How come the website is called "Jesus for Jews"? It seems to be related to Jews for Jesus. But if it wasn't, that would be an interesting trademark issue.