Thursday, July 12, 2012

So, does Iraq have the right of publicity?

The NYT reports on how the ministry in charge of electricity is using Katie Couric's image in a campaign, because they wanted a smiling woman but needed a Westerner to avoid cultural taboos.  The NYT says it's a copyright problem, but nobody is worried about the photographer.  Couric seemed unfazed:
“We were looking for a bright and optimistic face that inspires the people to imagine a better future for electricity,” said Musaab al-Mudarrs, the spokesman for the Electricity Ministry, who said designers had plucked Ms. Couric’s image from the Internet. ...
Mr. Mudarrs did say he was a bit worried that “when she finds out, maybe she will file a lawsuit against us.”
But in a telephone interview, Ms. Couric took the news in stride. “I’m calling my lawyer,” she said, adding quickly, “I’m kidding.” 

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