Thursday, August 25, 2016

Pictures from Canada

Canada, like many other countries, considers "taking unfair advantage" of a trademark to be a distinct problem, making it less favorable to parody and other uses than the U.S. as a matter of formal law.  What difference does that make in practice?  From what I've seen, it means that grocery stores/pharmacies don't carry house brands that tell you they're comparable to national brands.  However, it doesn't seem to affect the T-shirt offerings of tourist traps.  (Side note: there was also more overt misogyny on offer than I would have expected.  Really, Canada?)
Not quite Rolls Royce

One of many John Deere alternatives--Canada also uses "fuck" more liberally at standard tourist stores

MasterCard and Red Bull, sexualized

Red Moose/Red Bull and Star Wars

John Moose instead of John Deere; Star Wars again; and what do we think of the Montreal logo v. Adidas?  This one was everywhere

Mountain Dude

This one is more consumer/contract law: "no contract" is also a thing in Canada; I wonder what the law is about that

Right of publicity claim for the Michael Jackson estate?

Snoop Dogg or just a dog?

Lady PurrPurr?

Queen size?

A little tramp?

Too close to Superman?

An entire province devoted to Pokemon

Pizza Pot, Zig-Zag, Addicted, Kick Ass, Fuma

National Pornographic, another John Fucking Deere, sex-based "I'm Lovin' It" and some of the aforementioned misogyny

Lord of the Rinks

Straight Outta Quebec

Starbear logo?

iTunes trade dress

Canada, Coke style

Angry Moose

Angry Beaver

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Lisa Macklem said...

I think you will find a HUGE variation on misogyny and the use of "fuck" between provinces. Quebec culture is quite distinct in many ways - and I'm not putting a quality/qualifier judgment on that.