Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hand in glove: ICE and trademark seizures

More tidbits from my FOIA suit against ICE, including the revelation that they did indeed record at least one seizure of disparaging items, “Baltimore sucks” T-shirts.  (Other entries are suggestive, but too unclear to be sure what was seized without details.)  More to follow, but here’s a bit from the ICE Briefing Book on what it called its “NFL News Conference” held in early 2015, which triggered my lawsuit in the first place: 

The NFL news conference on anti-counterfeiting efforts will be co-hosted by Dolores DiBella, NFL’s Counsel. Also as in past years, invitations have been extended to a local CBP [Customs and Border Protection] representative and a local public safety official to have minor speaking roles at the press conference. The primary topic will be the harm to the public, economy and U.S. businesses posed by counterfeit tickets, merchandise and apparel. The event will include only NFL-credentialed media.

Apparently when you buy counterfeit NFL T-shirts, you're stealing American jobs.  How many licensed T-shirts are made in the US, again?

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