Monday, August 22, 2011

Addendum to entry-level advice

Many candidates these days send out emails/packets directly to schools of interest to them as well as using AALS. That's fine and can pay off, but if you do it electronically, please name your files appropriately. I like you better when I can just save the file lastname_resume.doc, or FIRSTNAME LASTNAME resume.pdf or any other choice that makes sense than when I have to remember to manually rename your resume.docx file to match your name, which I might even misspell! I think you can do the same thing with the AALS resume system too.


GAF said...

if they are smart enough to read your blog i would hope they are also smart enough to name their files correctly (and read-through not just spell check)!

Rebecca Tushnet said...

I don't think it's about intelligence. To me, after all, my resume is "resume." It's more about thinking about how your message will be received (in the midst of nearly 600 other such messages) and how you'll make it easier for someone else to pick you. I don't think that comes naturally, and I don't think we often give very good advice before the process starts! Next year I will try to collect what I've written and post it before the materials start making the rounds.