Friday, May 15, 2009


Apparently I'm not the only one who felt cheated by seeing Star Trek on an "Imax" screen that looked just like a decently sized multiplex screen to me. Turns out that now Imax screens can be small! Imax thinks no rebranding is necessary to distinguish sizes; I know that I now have a very different, and negative, impression of the brand as a whole. I'll be sticking with the Uptown where possible for my blockbusters, thanks, and as for paying extra for Imax: unlikely, unless I confirm screen size.

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Anonymous said...

Even on the really big IMAX screens you are not seeing a full screen film from a "Hollywood" production. They are letterboxed, only The Dark Knight have released real sized IMAX and only part of that film was. The new Terminator will also have some REAL IMAX. They are dumbing down the format for the almighty dollar, and killing it in the process.