Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Death sentence for domain names?

I don't generally link to the Trademark Blog, because I assume that if you're reading this you're reading that, but Marty has a great post heralding the death of the URL for advertising purposes and concluding that "the domain name system is damage and the trademark community should route around it." And it gives me the opportunity to share a picture I took in Greenwich Village several years ago:
See also "Google 'Pontiac' to find out more."

Although I am skeptical that domain names will actually disappear, I agree that search terms are useful additions to the internet user's arsenal. (Alternate post title: "U RLY?")

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Anonymous said...

Dear Rebecca,

First of all: "Very nice blog!"

Secondly: I was surprised to read your entry as the I've read exactly the same argument in the Ascentive, LLC v. Google, Inc.claim under 31. and 32.

As a last point: I am PhD student in here in Austria writing my law thesis about the trademark & law of unfair comp. aspects of Keyword advertising and ... I was wondering if you are maybe aware of any studies that concern the users' ability to actually differentiate between Ads (Top-Ads) and organic search results.

Kind regards & Thank you,