Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Jack Daniels reply brief: the horror!

Is in. Obviously there are many things to say about it, but I suppose the easiest is that the parade of horribles sounds kind of just like a parade (albeit perhaps a Halloween one):

VIP’s logic would extend to vases mimicking Coca-Cola bottles (pretend sodas), replica toy Mercedes (pretend cars), pillows resembling Goldfish crackers or Hershey Kisses (pretend snacks), or key chains consisting of miniature Lucchese cowboy boots (pretend shoes).

(1) Wonder what Ai Weiwei has to say about that first example? (2) Did they ... know that all these things exist (except that a miniature Lucchese cowboy boot is just a cowboy boot at that scale, and doesn't seem famous enough to parody) and haven't caused society to collapse or toddlers to run around stuffing pillows in their mouths? NB: I actually bought one of those Goldfish pillows before I read the brief. It's cute! 

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