Wednesday, July 13, 2022

IP on vacation in Vancouver

 As is my hobby, I took some pictures of IP-relevant things. I still haven't personally encountered cannabis products imitating national brands, though.

Mining museum emphasizing US patents acquired, which is an interesting datapoint about the influence of US patents extraterritorially.

Is this Karuna can too close to Coca-Cola?
Love this "no name" branding (registered trademark)!
This all-red chocolate shoe probably doesn't fall within the scope of Louboutin's rights, though I don't know the situation in Canada.
LV-esque chocolate handbag.
The next images are from UBC's anthropology museum: Linda Vallejo, Brown Belongings (series). Artist's statement in English: "Brown Belongings represents ten years of concentrated work on visualizing what it means to be a person of color in the United States. These works reflect what I call my 'brown intellectual property'--the experiences, knowledge, and feelings I have gathered over more than four decades of study in Chicano/a and American Indigenous communities." Behind the Coke bottle, a quote from the artist with her name in Coca-Cola font.
Ester Hernandez, Sun Raid (2008). Artist's statement in English: "In 2008, I created a new version of Sun Mad, entitled Sun Raid, which talks about the new face of farm workers who are now mostly indigenous peoples from Oaxaca. Although these migrant workers are very much needed to harvest our crops, they are totally disrespected and have become scapegoats for our failed economic policies. Many have become targets for Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents' raids and deportation. We have globalized money, trade, and commerce, but we haven't globalized fairness toward work and labor."

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