Monday, January 07, 2019

Announcing the Fourth Edition of Advertising & Marketing Law: Cases & Materials by Tushnet & Goldman

Eric Goldman has all the details here.  Preview:
 It is available for purchase in the following formats:
* A DRM-free PDF file. Price: $12
* A DRM-free ePub file for mobile devices. Price: $12
* In Kindle. Price: $9.99
* A print-on-demand book from Amazon. Because of the book’s length, we publish the hard copy in two volumes: Volume 1(covering chapters 1-8) and Volume 2 (covering chapters 9-17). Price is $20 for each volume ($40 for the set) plus shipping and tax. The hard copy 4th edition is cheaper than the 3rd edition by 10%, plus the book should now qualify for free Amazon shipping, Also, we offer a free PDF or ePub file to buyers of the hard copy version; all they have to do is email me a copy of their receipt showing which edition they bought, and I’ll promptly email the electronic file.
As usual, if you are a professor, or are hoping to teach the course, and would like a free evaluation copy, please email me (
A sample chapter, Chapter 13 (on publicity rights and endorsements), is available as a free download.
We’ve discussed the book’s background and our goals as authors in this essay.

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