Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Harvard JOLT seeks submissions

The Harvard Journal of Law and Technology is one of the leading journals covering the ever-developing interaction between law and technology. JOLT Digest is the Journal's online-only companion, providing timely updates and new perspectives on recent developments in technology law, touching on topics such as privacy, security, AI, IP, and free speech. Currently offering exclusively student writing opportunities, JOLT Digest is launching a new program for professors, practitioners, and non-lawyers to contribute: Digest Commentary. JOLT Digest is seeking inaugural Commentary authors.

Commentary will host primarily three types of writings: opinions, primers, and responses to JOLT publications. They should be approximately 2,000 words in length. Comments will be accepted on a rolling basis, and JOLT Digest anticipates a 2-week window between submitting a complete draft and publication. For more information on Digest Commentary, please review our Commentator's Guide. Please send any questions or submit an idea or a completed draft for consideration to Filippo A. Raso, JOLT Digest's Executive Editor, at joltdigest@mail.law.harvard.edu.

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