Monday, February 29, 2016

On the importance of knowing your genre

I haven’t written about the Sherrilyn Kenyon v. Cassandra Clare lawsuit over Darkhunters v. Shadowhunters, though I did read the complaint.  I didn’t find the copyright claims to make it past assertions of similarity in ideas, though trademark is often trickier these days.  As a geek, however, I was interested to see that one piece of evidence for infringement was both parties’ use of a particular runic symbol (Darkhunters and  Shadowhunters)—in part because, in what I’m sure was complete coincidence, that very symbol is now playing a key role on this season of Sleepy Hollow.  This recap says it’s also used in Twin Peaks (and by the Nazis, so there’s one segue taken care of).  Pretty good evidence that it’s a mystical trope!


CMN said...

Has anyone written anything on the significance of genre for copyright? It's one of those things that would fit neatly into my idea for worthwhile uses of Factor Two.

RT said...

My guess is that Zahr Said has come closest, or would know who has.