Friday, March 28, 2014

A mocking Snickers ad and Google v. Garcia

Sociological Images covers a Snickers ad that apparently shows real women responding to supportive, nonsexist comments from construction workers. "The first thing women do is get uncomfortable, revealing how a lifetime of experience makes them cringe at the prospect of a man yelling at them.  But, as women realize what’s going on, they’re obviously delighted.  They love the idea of getting support and respect instead of harassment from strange men. This last woman actually places her hand on her heart and mouths 'thank you' to the guys. And then the commercial ends and it’s all yanked back in the most disgusting way." Tagline: "You're not you when you're hungry." SocImages: "I wonder, when the producers approached them to get their permission to be used on film, did they tell them how the commercial would end? I suspect not. And, if not, I bet seeing the commercial would feel like a betrayal."

What result in the 9th Circuit, if one of the women sues for infringement based on fraudulent inducement of her participation?

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  1. Did she use the Stanislavski method to get in character for that performance?