Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'm gonna go out on a limb and call this unauthorized use

Chicka Latte brings the charm of Hooters to the serving of coffee.  Employees (apparently all women, or willing to dress as women) can choose from various outfits.  Two of them are listed as Girl Scout uniforms (the sashes say Sexy Scout and Cookie Girl, if you're interested).  Cookie Girl is also listed as a "Grabajava All Star Girls Official Approved Costume," which I guess means that Chicka Latte has a competitor sourcing from the same uniform supplier.  The link to "more Girl Scout and Brownie costumes" doesn't work right, but further inspection finds another Sexy Scout costume without a bare midriff, at least..

Let's assume that the sale of the costumes as costumes is ok.  Is Chicka Latte nonetheless at risk for encouraging the use of the costumes as uniforms at its business?

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