Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Organization for Transformative Works elections

If you're a member (and I hope you are!), the OTW is having an election. If you're eligible to vote, you should have received an email; there is more information at the elections post.

I strongly hope to see Naomi Novik--a wonderful public face for transformative fanworks, as well as a great coder and fundraiser and all-around pleasure to work with--return to the board, and I also hope to welcome Betsy Rosenblatt, who's been working with me on the OTW's legal committee and who would be a great asset to the Board both as a committed lawyer and an experienced manager of volunteers.

And if you're not a member now, please consider donating to help support and sustain our projects keeping spaces for noncommercial transformative uses available, and/or volunteering (volunteer intake is suspended during the election/transition, but we do need people!).

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