Thursday, December 09, 2010

New TM filing

Viacom is applying to register this mark for Comedy Central's entertainment/television broadcasting services.  Review question: how to analyze this in light of the existence of the common (c) symbol, as well as the Creative Commons symbol?  Also, it's an ITU--appropriate?

HT: Gena Feist.


Mark said...

Weird. I would think this is sufficiently close to the copyright symbol that it's not likely to be perceived as a mark. Which suggests to me (at least) that it shouldn't be allowed as an ITU because some evidence of source association should be required.

tim maguire said...

First thing I thought of was the graphic shown during the opening montage at the movie theater--the outline of the reel to reel movie camera spitting out today's feature presentation. I'm sure there's a more descriptive term that I'm not thinking of. Hopefully my description is good enough.

I can't imagine ever looking at that and thinking of Viacom.