Saturday, March 06, 2010

Off-topic: avoid Best Buy's Geek Squad

Not the main reason posting has been slow, but my beloved tablet stopped working. I first took it to Best Buy, which couldn't fix it. That's sad, but it happens. What has soured me is the automated communication: both an email and a voicemail assuring me that my order was complete and ready for pickup. The latter, yes; the former, not so much. It's no fun to think your computer is fixed (the natural implication of "complete"; review Gricean implicature for more) and then find out differently. If a business can't be bothered to change its "come and get it" message to "we're sorry, but we've done all we can and we can't fix it," then that business doesn't need my patronage; what else are they sloppy about?

Well, maybe when I get an iPad things will look up.

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Scott said...

Geek Squad does not have a good reputation, and they continue to not care. Today's Sunday paper insert offers to "sync" your 3D glasses, when all that's required to "sync" them is to look at the screen. Just wrote about it on my blog.