Saturday, September 06, 2008

Five favorite non-legal blogs

Tagged by Ann Bartow, I give you, in alphabetical order:

Asking the Wrong Questions: sf/fantasy reviews and musings. I don't always agree, but I always learn.

cryptoxin: Pop culture, fan culture, and high theory. Although it's completely true that I am always happy when a new post pops up here, this is also a somewhat political inclusion: there's very little LJ/"blogosphere" crossover, but there should be more.

Free iTunes Downloads: They keep track so you don't have to.

Kung Fu Monkey
: I'm often not all that into the details of making a TV show, but the politics posts are viciously awesome.

xkcd: Not sure if this is cheating, but it does have a feed. Geek humor is the best humor! If you recognize the target of the latest comic, you're my kind of nerd.

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