Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Student note on Lanham Act standing

Gregory Apgar, Prudential Standing Limitations on Lanham Act False Advertising Claims, 76 Fordham L. Rev. 2389 (2008). Thanks to this note, which provides a nice overview of the standing cases and joins the chorus of criticism of Phoenix of Broward, it’s been brought to my attention that a silly Bluebook rule strips my name from law review footnotes citing my blog posts. Apparently a single-author blog doesn’t get an author name. You know, much like there’s no need to give the name of the author of a single book. So I am pondering a name change. Yes, I know, citation counts don’t matter. But they could not matter and be higher, right?

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Bruce Boyden said...

The other alternative is to add a "Remington Steele" type co-author.