Monday, October 09, 2006

Higher litigation

I previously reported on CollegeNet v. XAP, in which two college-application services, who received their revenues from two different sources, were in litigation. Eric Goldman pointed me to this story from the Chronicle of Higher Education reporting that a jury awarded $4.5 million to CollegeNet on its Lanham Act claims, as well as $4 million on unrelated patent claims. Both parties will appeal, since some of CollegeNet's patent claims failed.

The Chronicle has another story about a false profile created by a marketer on Facebook. (See also the Washington Post story.) In this case, the marketer made off with 300,000 email addresses before its false identity was discovered, and its "friends" soon received spam touting the marketer's wares, though the marketer denies involvement in that. College students aren't that litigious, but I've got to believe that there's a class action in there somewhere.

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