Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fanwork-related links

I just did an interview with NPR on fan fiction and the Organization for Transformative Works. There's also a piece by Grace Westcott on the same topic in the Literary Review of Canada with some quotes from me; we don't necessarily see the world in the same way, but a Canadian perspective is welcome.

Meanwhile, the Code of Best Practices for Fair Use in Online Video, in whose drafting I participated, has been released. Many different kinds of creations were represented in our discussions, including fanworks. The Center for Social Media has many similar valuable projects, and I'm encouraged to see growing activism in staking claims for fair use counter to the we-own-it-all attitude of some copyright owners. Formalizing informal practices, which have a lot of flexibility and local norms, is always a challenge, but I don't think we can continue without speaking at least some of the time about good copyright rules, counter to the claims of institutional advocates for total control like the RIAA, MPAA, and lately the AP.

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  1. Oh, nice interview. It popped up on my Google Alerts, and it was pleasantly non-eye-rolling. No tittering about slash, and the bit with the interviewer looking for "Hello Larry" fic was great. Brava.