Monday, July 28, 2008

Brand equity and false advertising

Brands we love get special dispensations for bad behavior. Google and Apple are my biggest weaknesses, and I think many people interested in technology are the same. For the latest example, see Richard Alderman's post on the new iPhone, arguing that the supposed 50% price drop is actually a 40% increase when service charges are taken into account, and that this is false advertising. But he (and I) bought it anyway, because it is just that cool. (Disclaimer: I speak only for myself; Alderman I'm sure has better reasons.) Even Tim Wu is willing to tame his freewheeling ways for the love of a good iPhone.

If I had my druthers, the iPhone would allow a stylus as well as a finger, for greater writing accuracy. But then I've been using a tablet PC for several years now, and I like handwriting digital comments. The point is: deliver enough style and performance, and many customers will forgive you on price. The question is, will the lawyers?

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