Sunday, November 04, 2007

Broadcast your school

iTunes U is a fascinating endeavor. The search/indexing is still pretty bad, but by poking around I found a bunch of videos from the Intellectual Property Scholars Conference at DePaul from this past August, which I had been sad to miss and look forward to watching. There’s also an Intro to Copyright Law from MIT, as well as various audio and/or video materials from Stanford Law, Duke Law, Vanderbilt Law, and Yale Law – and probably others as well; see above about the search/indexing limitations.

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  1. I completely agree--I think it's a great tool. I've been listening to loads of Univ. of Chicago podcasts and some classes from Berkeley. The Stanford philosophy series is great, too.

    My only caveat is that lots of schools tend to be a little cheap on the recording equipment. So you can turn up the volume all the way to hear the speaker, then get deafened when someone near the microphone claps or coughs.

    But by and large I'm thrilled they're making these things accessible, even if there are some hiccups on the way.