Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Microsoft sued for "Vista Capable" sticker

Machines labeled "Vista Capable," it turns out, could only run Vista Basic, which is missing a number of features of Vista Premium. Ad materials for Vista Premium made the distinction, but the basic "Vista Capable" stickers on lower-end machines didn't. Microsoft's position: We tried really hard to tell people what the differences were.


  1. I'll remember never to use that as a defense when I'm a trademark lawyer. You know what you could have done, Microsoft? You could have said compatible WITH Vista Basic. Would that really have been so hard?

    This is an interesting issue of which I was unaware--and I have a sticker on my computer.

  2. Well, this is an issue that I,too, was unaware of untill you had informed me. I have a sticker that says my computer is "Vista Capable"...Better think twice about that upgrade...